| Seeding the Innovator’s Mindset |

Seeding the Innovator’s Mindset

Toru has developed an outreach program to search for talented and potential innovators throughout the country. These social innovators will be trained by Toru to acquire  an innovators mindset. Further, Toru will provide them with platforms to share their ideas and innovations. As part of the program, Toru partners with universities and youth organizations to engage with youth on the topics of social innovation and the skills required for social innovation.


The outreach program has three phases:


Seminars and talks to generate awareness about social innovation and to promote the innovator’s mindset among youth in partnering organizations. Sessions are conducted with large groups of youth in partnering organizations, typically ranging above 100 participants.


Workshops for innovators to help develop skills necessary for social innovation and nurture the innovator’s mindset among youth. Sessions are conducted with smaller groups of youth, typically less than 100 participants.


Pre-incubation platform for innovators to develop and share their social innovations and receive guidance to further develop their ideas. At this phase, highly motivated innovators work closely with Toru’s mentors on an individual basis.


Our outreach initiative is focused on building long-term relationships with partnering organizations to establish pipelines for Toru’s incubation programs. Innovators from the outreach program with potential for making social impact typically graduate into Toru’s Innovation and Design Lab and eventually into the Business Incubation and Impactpreneur programs.

We have organized and engaged universities and youth communities in workshops such as Maker’s Lab, Think Like A Futurist, Kolpokoushol and Social Innovation Design Week. In 2017 we have engaged 2040 social innovators on topics of innovation and addressing social problems across Bangladesh in Dhaka, Rajshahi and Rangpur. We have secured partnership with organizations like Teach for Bangladesh, Volunteer for Bangladesh and Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) to be able to reach out and find social innovators for Toru’s programs.

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