Our Mission

We work to ensure that Bangladesh can be made a better place for innovators and ideas to thrive. Our purpose at Toru is to…

Mentor skilled youth and entrepreneurs

Enable innovators

Nurture social innovators to become transformative thought leaders

Catalyze collaboration in the ecosystem for inclusive growth

New ideas born today can change the world we will live in decades from now. We want to shape a tomorrow where ideas do not die in the silence of inaccessibility, where uncertainty about a different future doesn’t discourage you and where inclusive impact is achievable

Our Values

  • Spread Love and Laughter

    We believe in the saying – treat others the way you would want to be treated. We treat everyone fairly and equally, no matter what their background or experience. Our work is grounded in love, inclusion and respect to diversity, and we will wholeheartedly extend ourselves for the sake of the community’s / another’s growth.

  • Be Empathetic – Feel it, Experience it and Live it

    We believe in putting ourselves in the other’s shoes. We nurture an environment of active listening. We seek to understand, acknowledge and value the others perspectives and situations – supporting each other at every step.

  • Be Curious – Unlearn, Delearn, Relearn

    Continuous learning is a must have skill in our books. The first step to innovation and growth is a mix of creativity and a lot of curiosity. But being curious requires our mind to be flexible, let go and be open to accept new idea that will challenge or compliment our existing ones. Because, we believe we don’t know everything and it’s important to always keep room for unlearning and relearning. We call the inner cycle between unlearn and relearn as “delearn”. Always keep room for that!

  • Love the problem and not the solution

    The solution is merely the tool and not the goal. For any solution to work -The best solutions are found when you deep dive into problems. To create impact sustainably and inclusively it is necessary to put all our focus into the problem first. We champion theunderstand the pressing need to create not just for the ideas and communities we work in but with them.

  • The race to impact is a marathon. . . start now !

    We're not afraid to take on some of the biggest challenges But we know complex problems can’t be solved in one go. Each problem and each innovator is different and so are their paths. To create impact, we have to start somewhere – roll up our sleeves and dive into the process.

  • Build together to achieve excellence with honesty, commitment, and accountability

    It's important to aim for excellence and drive ourselves every day to get things done right. Collaboration is one of our strengths and it paves the road to excellence. But paving that road needs to be done while keeping our ethics in check. We work together with an unconditional commitment to our cause and deliver results with honesty and accountability.

Contact Us

House 2, Road 4, Banani, Dhaka 1213