| One day workshop with Impactors on Developing Entrepreneurs’ Skillset |

The Top 15 Impactors were selected for the next round. The next step in the program was a one day workshop with those Impactors on the 11th of December. We wanted to engage the Impactors soon after the initial workshop to reinforce concepts and to give them homework before the winter break. We also wanted an excuse to hang out with these great entrepreneurs again!

Impactors learned how to get feedback, fail fast, and early

Impactors started the day sharing their business models with a new group. It can be easier to be critical of other ventures and it is useful to hear solutions from a new perspective. Impactors discussed their group members concerns on what they thought would not work in each other’s ventures. They also shared how they decided to implement the feedback they received in the last workshop. Reflecting, thinking critically and identifying the scope of improvement is a constant process and we encourage Impactors to do so repeatedly.

Ideas can only get better after receiving plenty of feedback and improving each time.

Impactors learned to utilize strengths to minimize threats

Impactors assessed their own strengths and weaknesses. We reminded the Impactors that a good strategist identifies all the factors comprehensively and utilizes strengths to minimize threats to the ventures. Impactors discussed and deliberated so that each internal strength can present an opportunity. They came up with actionable plans to eliminate weaknesses.

At every workshop, the Toru team helps entrepreneurs build skills. To do so that day, we did an exercise on creative problem solving– the Six Thinking Hat method. Impactors learned a way to solve problems efficiently and quickly (one of the applications of the method is that it leads to shorter meetings!)

The key is to share and see multiple perspectives.

It’s as easy as putting on one hat and taking off another. Impactors also learned how to use the method to make decisions quicker and give constructive criticism. We always stress the importance of using empathy and this method provided the perfect chance to practice empathy.

Impactors were reminded to go back to the user they are designing for

Last but not least, the Toru team talked about how to conduct user research. The crux of design thinking is in going to the user and checking risky assumptions. We worked through different research methods and the best tools to use to build the Impactors’ research plans.

The Impactors left after a full day of receiving new tools and exercises. We are so excited to hear about their findings from the field in the upcoming four-day workshop on January 16-19th!

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