| Introducing the Impactors |

After forty long days of the application period, we have received more than 400 applications to join our coveted Impactor program. What followed was a high detail oriented screening process to select the bests as we can accommodate only around 7% of them. After the long scrutinizing process, our selection board has finally chosen the 31 entrepreneurs who will get the chance to move forward and to win support from Toru Institute of Inclusive Innovation.

Let’s take a look at the 31 selected Impactors in a brief:


Muthopay is a payment service for both online and offline payments. Payments can be made at zero cost to users, from all around Bangladesh, across multiple platforms and with no internet connectivity. Muthopay hopes to increase convenience by reducing third-party involvement for faster and easier transactions.


Workman Engineering

Workman Engineering produces cheap and clean biofuel from waste materials.  The fuel is an environmentally friendly alternative manufactured by recycling, allowing for green waste management.



Happihub is a privilege/discount based lifestyle app from Bangladesh to bring more happiness by saving your costs. Users have profiles, can apply for location based rewards, can review partners shops and receive


NERDIZ provides virtual reality educational experiences to school students who. This experiential learning is delivered through the VR education app and VR labs in schools covering content from textbooks.


Garbage Clinical Insurance Bangladesh (GCIB)   

Garbage Clinical Insurance Bangladesh (GCIB) is a health microinsurance programme in which garbage collected from the underprivileged community works as an insurance for medical treatment. The waste is sold to collectors for upcycling to other plastic materials or is recycled.



Blackshoot has redesigned manholes, created an app and control board to solve problems related to water sanitation. The system alerts concerned authorities when a manhole is uncovered and provides positioning of pipe blockages. The manholes contain an in-built, easily accessible cleaning system and a water level regulating motor.



The digital parking platform provides a way to find, reserve and pay for parking using an app and e-wallet. Users can find parking spaces at their convenience and parking owners can benefit from underutilized assets.



KajKey.com is a local freelance marketplace platform. The platform is in Bangla, allowing local business employers to connect with local skilled freelancers, eliminating language barriers, reducing costs for business owners and matching talent to new sources of income.


Meteorological And Related Services Ltd (MARS Ltd)

Mars Limited provides weather advisory services. The services lead to timely awareness and improve response to natural calamities keeping lives, crops and property safer.



Khajna.com is a housing rental platform on which bachelors can conveniently find a living place that is affordable and in a suitable environment.


Amar Astha

Amar Astha is a mobile and web application that will connect midwives or nurses to for pregnant woman for childbirth at home and to old-aged and disabled patients. Amar Astha hopes to reduce mother and neonatal mortality and improve the overall well being old-aged and handicapped patients while generating additional income for health professionals.


Smart Lab

Smart Lab sells a gas leakage detector that can detect both the LPG gas used in cylinders and propane supplied to households. Detectors can drastically reduce accidents by monitoring and alerting users if gas is detected at a risky level.


Ai Robotics Asia Ltd.

Ai Robotics Asia Ltd. manufactures robots which support education in Bangladesh and will produce STEAM based robotics kits called “EDU-BOT”. The kits can be used to learn how to program robots, apply theory through practice, understand concepts and to prototype science and robotics projects.



LawWar.Win is a female-friendly online platform to hire the right lawyer. Clients can compare quotations from different lawyers by understanding the overall process and budget breakdown.


Study Buddy

Study Buddy sells AR Books, IOT Hardware and Games to help parents and educators of kids with learning disabilities and difficulties by introducing an alternative learning platform online that will match their unique learning methodologies.



Wreetu educates adolescent girls, garments workers and community members about puberty and menstrual hygiene. Engaging workshops, interactive comic books and reusable sanitary napkin are part of the efforts to build up a health conscious Bangladesh.


Avvene AI Limited

Avvene AI Limited is developing a plug-n-play device for vehicles to help prevent road accidents via an electro-mechanical system for automatic emergency braking that is run using AI based software



YOUNIFI is a matchmaking youth development platform that connects young citizens (mostly students) who want to gain experience and skills in organizations that have a positive impact on organizations that are looking for engaged and energetic youngsters. This mutually beneficial connection is based on transferable skills, interests, and will not only lead to personal development, but also higher social impact.


Women Robotics Research Team

The “Women Robotics Research Team” has developed a emergency security device and public platform to provide security to women. The device acts as an alarm, messages contacts, records audio and alerts authorities when the distress button is pressed. The device is in conjuction with other community programs ensuring the safety of women.



JOTNO is an interactive healthcare facility that utilizes modern connected technology and telecommunications. JOTNO will provide digital health communication services to the rural & urban communities.


Travel Bangladesh

Travel Bangladesh provides all travel related information to assist travelers. The information ranges from histor to information about foods and festivals. The website also includes lodging recommendations, the opportunity to compare travel deals, and assitance with logistics.




Ngineerx handpicks top software engineering talent from the developing parts of the world, and further trains them in niche areas to prototype, design and build scalable, fault-tolerant, cutting-edge technological systems for startups.



HeadBlocks is developing an AI based automatic Bangla number plate detection and recognition software using custom machine learning and deep learning model.



SobAR is develops health care & medical simulation products that teach essentials of human body and health issues. The products employ the use of real time 3D simulation which harnesses Augmented Reality (AR) technology.


Angel Powertech Ltd

Angel Powertech Ltd develops equipment and provides consultancy for the six sectors: the Agriculture sector, Fishery sector, Poultry sector, Water sector, Electrical appliance sector and R&D sector.   the organization is in continuous research to develop user-friendly, cost-effective and eco-friendly devises for different sectors by using the solar power as its main source of energy.


ItsOkay Bangladesh

ItsOkay Bangladesh is a website that bridges those who need help and those who provide help in fighting mental illness. The assistance is rooted in empathy and aspires to create resilience in mental health in Bangladesh.


Shuttle is an app based pick & drop service for women to help women in Bangladesh commute safely and comfortably. Female only micro buses are provided where women share rides only with other female passengers.


Biotech Bangladesh

Biotech Bangladesh is working on waste management by recycling used cooking oil to bio diesel .The bio diesel can be used in any kind of diesel engine and is more efficient than mineral diesel.


Solar Powered Micro Irrigation Boat

The solar power irrigation boat can be used in rivers in rural areas to water winter crops. The boat uses surface water and solar energy for irrigation. The boat can be repurposed for recreation. The movable irrigation system can be easily used by farmers.



EasySense is selling a smart IoT-based fire safety device to help micro-entrepreneurs and industry owners protect their shops and factories from deadly and damaging fire incidents. A fire outbreak can be detected in real time and the fire service and the owner can be simultaneously alerted prompting immediate action.


Project: Decent Wastepreneurs

Project: Decent Wastepreneurs is a regular and on-demand waste and recyclables picking service. People can keep their communities clean with the inclusion of waste pickers into the system. Additionally, decent jobs are created in the informal sector, mostly for women.

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