| Innovision and Toru Presents: Masterclass on Building an Innovator’s Mindset |


The masterclass will be conducted as a 5-day bootcamp, is to nurture the skills of passionate professionals from diverse backgrounds for the future: empathy, critical thinking, cognitive flexibility, creativity and collaboration. They will be able to exercise these skills directly when designing solutions for impact.

Through this workshop, which is jointly offered by Innovision Consulting and Toru Institute of Inclusive Innovation, professionals will be able to build the mindset for innovation and problem-solving:

  • Learn and Master the 5 essential skills that make an innovation successful
  • Hear from 5 leading innovators about their experience in designing, managing and scaling innovations
  • Work on the field to solve practical challenges
  • Build your network that can help you sustain your innovations
  • Develop your roadmap in leading innovations for social development


Dates: 1st April – 5th April, 2018

Toru premises, House 2, Rd 4, Block F, Banani, Dhaka-1213

Number of participants: 16-20

Registration fee:
50,000 BDT (20% Early bird discount if you register by March 15th, 2018)



Prospective participants will be selected through a registration process. Each day will focus on one of the five skills of the innovator’s mindset. Participants will learn about the importance of each skill in the innovation process, and then exercise those skills to build concept solutions specific for their sector.

Day 1 | Empathy: “Learn from your Users”

Day 2 | Critical Thinking: “Find the Root of Problems”

Day 3 | Cognitive Flexibility: “Unlearn. Relearn. Delearn.”

Day 4 | Creativity: “Bring your Idea to Life”

Day 5 | Collaboration: “Build Partnerships to Scale your Idea”


Participants of the workshop will be able to apply the five skills of the innovator’s mindset in their respective line of work. Participants can also instill the values of the innovator’s mindset in their organizations.

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Innovision Consulting Pvt Limited is an international consultancy providing research, technical assistance and project management services to multilateral and bi-lateral donor agencies, international development organizations and consultancies. Innovision Consulting represents Innovision Consulting Private Limited based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Innovision Global Consulting Limited based in London, United Kingdom. Innovision is a leader in supporting development interventions with the goal to deliver systemic change (sustainable, scalable and transformative impacts).

About Toru

Toru Institute of Inclusive Innovation is an institution dedicated to empowering the youth towards the future of learning and innovation in the adaptation to the 4th industrial revolution. Our endeavours are geared towards enabling the youth with the skills of the future and assisting potential social innovators and entrepreneurs to work towards impact across the public, private and civic sectors. Our work occurs in 3 domains- Seeding the innovator’s mindset among the youth, supporting social innovators in the development of their solutions, nurturing entrepreneurs looking to solve a social problem.

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