Ayman Sadiq

10 Minute School (10MS) is an online platform that democratizes education. Through their pool of experienced teachers, they create interactive video content for students. Students can learn from tutorials, practice tests, take timed exams, and interact with peers and teachers online. Teachers provide online tutorial & live classes for learning and tests for practicing. Currently, they have reached more than 4 million users -- with growing numbers, the potential can be fully unleashed.

Siffat Sarwar

“ShopUp is one of the first enterprises in the fintech space of Bangladesh. They primarily work on a capital appraisal platform for small and micro businesses that sell products on social media. With over 290,000 small businesses in Bangladesh that sell on social media, these MSMEs often do not have access to the required amount of capital, nor a proper business management system. ShopUp provides working capital to high potential MSMEs after an objective appraisal of the sellers, a process that is still undertaken on a subjective basis by traditional microfinancing.

Dr. Sebastian Grog

ME SOLshare Ltd. is a social enterprise that provides peer-to-peer solar energy trading platforms and pay-as-you-go solutions to low-income households. These households need a flexible, stable, and sufficient electricity supply, going beyond what a solar home system (SHS) can achieve. SOLshare, the multi award winner and pioneer of the micro-energy transition model, interconnects SHS’s and enables its users to earn a direct income from the sun. SOLshare’s IoT-based approach empowers people to become solar entrepreneurs and take action into their own hands.

Dr. Khondaker Abdullah-Al-Mamun

CMED Health is a cloud based smart regular health monitoring system. CMED uses smart medical sensors connected to a smartphone for measurement of vital signs and stores data to its secured cloud server. As a result, users will get instant feedback about their health status. CMED also generates health records that will help doctors to minimize diagnostic time and give better treatment.

Mohd. Fahad Ifaz

iFarmer is a cloud based platform that enables urban people to invest in agriculture. They want to help urban people invest in farming and growing their own food. From designing, building and managing the farm to automating planting calendars, regular to-do lists, information about fertilizing schedules, and watering cans, iFarmer helps customers grow toxin-free organic vegetables and fruits right in their balconies.

Waiz Rahim

Deligram is an online/offline eCommerce platform geared towards the offline majority population of Bangladesh. In addition to the online presence, their inherent philosophy is to also stay offline to a channel where consumers are already most comfortable in by supercharging neighborhood shops into Deligram agents. This multi-channel customer base in Tier – II cities and lower last mile delivery costs differentiates Deligram from other capital-based eCommerce platforms and establishes a winning proposition of diverse options, better prices and a new experience for individuals who have taste/demand that is different than what supply is locally available around them. By going omni-channel, Deligram matches both the scalability of online with the benefits of offline commerce.

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