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You Can Invent Alone But You Cannot Innovate Alone

From the time of Socrates to Baul music in rural Bengal, communal space has been the catalyst for collaboration and learning. A space where diverse minds, irrespective of their background and identity, convene; where excellence evolves from asking questions, creating newer dimensions; where knowledge is not imparted rather facilitated; where we are separated from our egos and prejudice. Today in Bangladesh we feel the need of such a space where artists, corporates, scientists, academicians, and policymakers can sit and share ideas.

Bangladesh Innovation Toruchhaya Boithok
Innovation Toruchhaya Boithok Bangladesh


Session being taken by Shafiq Alam, Design Director at Ikigai

What is Boithok?

We want to make the platform of knowledge sharing through a forum we have named “বৈঠক”. Here, we will encourage people to go beyond mundane systems: artists will meet scientists; business executives will meet musicians and much more. A selected group of individuals from interdisciplinary backgrounds will be invited to attend these discussion sessions, led by thought leaders from the public, private, and civic sectors.

How Will We Achieve It?

  • A selected group of people from across sectors will have the access to attend discussions with opinion leaders from private, public and civic sectors.
  • Curated sessions will be conducted around new ideas and sharing life experiences of opinion leaders, listening to the problems faced by mass across sectors.
  • The philosophies opted by the leaders might also be a new philosophy that can help the audience to learn something new.

Such interaction, knowledge sharing, and collaboration will seed trust in an individual’s mind and help to form a collaborative mindset, which will lead to innovative thoughts, ideas, and new perspectives. We want to push people to go beyond the mundane system, where a marketing expert may talk about human psychology, where a job holder may talk about spiritual intelligence, where a musician may discuss anthropology. That is the vision for Boithok – to unleash the creative potential required for making impactful innovation happen.


About Toru Institute

Thinkers, ideators, creators are the minds that build a society. We must accommodate their minds to thrive. With the emergence of the 4th industrial revolution, the traditional educational system will have to evolve to a heterogeneous discipline – enabling our minds to learn from diverse sources.

Toru is an institution dedicated to the future of learning and innovation in the 4th Industrial Revolution. We work towards an ecosystem which will encompass all sectors towards innovation, transformative leadership and inclusion.

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