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Are you the teammate we are looking for?

Growth and comfort cannot coexist. If you are looking for an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone to explore the emerging field of innovation, this is the right place for you. We are looking for a teammate who has the following qualifications, in addition to unlimited passion for social impact and innovation. You will be a good fit for us if you have these characteristics:

  • Experience of working for 1-2 years in the private sector
  • An academic background in business
  • Passionate about innovation and social impact
  • Ability to think critically
  • Good at organizing and implementation
  • Proactive and empathetic approach
  • Bonus: Is capable of creating strategic models for businesses

We believe that your soft skills are as important as the hard skills you learnt at university or at  work. If you are a natural problem solver, quick learner, and an awesome team player; welcome in advance.

How will you support the team?

The Associate will report to the Senior Associate of BI team. She/he will work closely with other teams and be accountable for the following roles:

  • Regularly monitor progress of business operations of the entrepreneurs
  • Co-design tailored incubation plans for enterprises
  • Support in designing and executing programs to empower and incubate innovators and help them scale
  • Create and curate content for internal business development

What are we offering?

Apart from the challenges that come with the job and lots of fun in creating innovative solutions, we also offer a competitive salary of BDT 35,000++. If you have the expertise, you will be worth more.

Who are we?

Toru Institute for Inclusive Innovation is on a mission to build an inclusive Bangladesh through locally built innovations. We develop skills necessary to nurture innovators across private, public, and civil sectors; many of who will go on to address social challenges through sustainable and scalable business models. Our endeavors are geared towards not only building entrepreneurs but also transformative leaders who will ultimately go on to change systems, influence policies, and become role models for our communities.

What do we value most?

We live our values inside and out. Starting from everyday activities to strategic decisions, our values guide our approach and work. Here are the six values that we uphold as proud members of “Torufic” community.

  1. Spread love & laughter. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  2. Be empathetic. Experience it, live it.
  3. Be curious. Delearn, learn, and relearn. Repeat.
  4. Build together with honesty, commitment and accountability.
  5. Love the problem, NOT the solution.
  6. The race towards impact is a marathon, start now.

If interested, please mail your CV to info@toruinstitute.com

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