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By 2027, we will engage 10 million social innovators & enable 100 Impactpreneurs to touch the lives of 1 in 10 Bangladeshis


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Unveiling Toru Chhaya

Toru Institute of Inclusive Innovation believes a co-learning space is necessary for innovations to thrive. On our efforts to nurture responsible leaders for the future, we created a co-learning space, 'Toru Chhaya', a space which empowers us to awaken our minds to change. On March 2nd and 3rd of 2018, we unveiled Toru Chhaya and showcased our 'Impactpreneurs' and mentees.

Launching of 'Boithok' Session

From the times of Socrates to Lalon, communal space has been the catalyst for collaboration and learning. Spaces where diverse minds, irrespective of their background and identity, convene. Knowledge is not imparted rather facilitated. For such interactions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, we launched a platform of knowledge sharing through a forum named 'Boithok'. The first 'Boithok' session featured Mr. Lutfey Siddiqi, Visiting Professor-In-Practice, London School of Economics, who talked about Constructive Conflict. The second session was conducted by Elita Karim, Journalist, Singer, and Actress, who discussed Music & Mentorship.

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